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Zane Gilkeson

CTCF Tag Plant

August 24, 2022


I have been asked to give a short statement about my work relation with the Colorado Correctional Industries, how it has helped or hindered my time of incarceration. I must say that I cannot think of anything negative about Correctional Industries. I spent twenty-one years (1990- 2011) as a maintenance/machinist technician at the furniture shop at Fremont Correctional Facility (FCF). There I learned many skills not only in the maintenance of woodworking machines, but also how to operate them. I worked my way up the ladder to the position of Lead Man called Team Trainer. Working with a CCI Supervisor I ran a crew of six inmates, and we maintained machines and general maintenance of the shop.

 One day while I was in the machine shop machining a part, the Major of the Tag Plant at Colorado Territorial Prison (CTCF) approached me and asked if l would be interested in taking a machinist job in a new inmate program building motorcycles. It sounded great and I took the job and transferred to the Territorial Prison and have been here ever since.

Unfortunately the motorcycle program was short term but I was retained to continue in the maintenance shop. Again I have worked my way up the ladder, and I am now lead man of the Maintenance/Machine shop and have learned about maintaining a whole different variety of machines. In the furniture shop I worked on panel saws, wide-belt sanders, overhead routers and such, at CTCF I repair large presses, blanking machines and paint line assemblies. My main job is to machine and sharpen dies. I use CNC milling machines, lathes, and surface grinders for this. This is the type of work I did before my incarceration.

I must say that I am very grateful that I have been able to work in the Correctional Industries. It has helped me learn many new skills. It also helps me in my day to day routine in a prison setting. It gives me a sense of normality with a regular job that means a lot to me. I focus on my faith, physical fitness and job. I have no time for any of the other non-productive activities that are prevalent in the prison setting. The industry job also provides me with a small salary that allows me to purchase my basic needs and a little canteen. This means that I do not have to burden my family to support me, financially.

So with this short history and description you can see just how much of a blessing Correctional Industries has been to me. I am very grateful for the opportunity. It is a major part of my mental health. I thank all of the staff I have worked with over the years that have helped me grow and be a better worker, and more importantly a better person.


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