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Department of Corrections

Division of Correctional Industries

1250 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, CO 80910



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Mitch KarstensDirectors OfficeDeputy Director of Finance and
Paul SmithDirectors OfficeAssistant
Ashley LittlefieldDirectors OfficeDirectors Assistant and Staff Resource
Stephen HughesDirectors OfficeFinance
Kira HoupisDirectors OfficeBudget and Policy
Brian BradenDirectors OfficeLife Safety
Chris BrownDirectors OfficeMarketing and Communications
Jason KravigSouthernOperations Manager, Southern
Greg HawkinsSouthernSWIFT
Lucas CrockerSouthernManager, License Plate Manufacturing and Sign
Joe CarochiSouthernManager, Farm, WHIP, Metal Manufacturing, Heavy
Dominic MoschettiSouthernMetal Manufacturing
Casey NutterNorthernOperations Manager, Northern
VacantNorthernManager, Leather, Garments, K9  
Todd CowensNorthernManager, Printing, E470,Coffee, General Services,
Michele WaylandNorthernK9
Jeff PetteeNorthernSurplus Property
Darin Sillaman Canteen
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