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K9 Fee Schedule


Adoption + TrainingStarting at $650*8 Week Training
Boarding-in Training$1,8004-week Minimum
Boarding-in Training$350Each additional week
Alumni Discounts  
Alumni Refresher Training**$8002-week minimum
Alumni Refresher Training**$350Each additional week
Alumni Refresher Class**Free30 minutes increments
Alumni Phone or Email ConsultsFree 


*Adoption + Training fee is $650 unless otherwise stated in the dog listing.  Age, purebred, hypo-allergenic, and papered dogs can account for increased adoption fee.

**Graduation from PTKCP Intensive Training Cycle (initial adoption with 8-week training or initial board-in 4-week training) is required for Alumni privileges.

NOTE: We've received questions about why it's more expensive to train your dog than it is to adopt an already-trained dog.  The reason is that our trained rescue dogs are almost always trained by beginner handlers.  Having our beginners train the rescue dogs allows the handlers to learn proper training techniques at a pace that doesn't apply as much pressure to get a "perfect" dog in 4 weeks.  After successfully training a few rescue dogs for adoption, the handlers "graduate" to training your dog and you can be confident your dog will be trained correctly.  As with any job, training comes with a cost to the business and, if we charged the full cost of the training for our rescue adoptions, we wouldn't be able to rescue very many dogs.  

Thank you for your support of our program!


Contact the K9 program at 719-269-4650 or  Office Hours are 8:00am - 2:30pm M-F.  


Supervisor, Michele Wayland at 719-429-0764 or