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K9 Fee Schedule


Service Fee Note
Adoption + Training Starting at $650* 8 Week Training
Boarding-in Training $1,800 4-week Minimum
Boarding-in Training $350 Each additional week
Alumni Discounts    
Alumni Refresher Training** $800 2-week minimum
Alumni Refresher Training** $350 Each additional week
Alumni Refresher Class** Free 30 minutes increments
Alumni Phone or Email Consults Free  


*Adoption + Training fee is $650 unless otherwise stated in the dog listing.  Age, purebred, hypo-allergenic, and papered dogs can account for increased adoption fee.

**Graduation from PTKCP Intensive Training Cycle (initial adoption with 8-week training or initial board-in 4-week training) is required for Alumni privileges.

Contact the K9 program at 719-269-4650 or  Office Hours are 8:00am - 2:30pm M-F.  


Supervisor, Michele Wayland at 719-429-0764 or