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September 1, 2022


Hello to All,

My name is Travis Colvin, I am a Correctional Industries (CI) employee, in the Garment Factory, at Limon Correctional Facility in Limon, Colorado.

Through CI, I have acquired 12+ years of experience in Garment Manufacturing.  In my current position, I work 9 hours a day, Monday-Thursday, and my duties include cutting, tagging, and bundling raw fabric in preparations to by made into garments and custom carry bags. My employment with CI has enhanced my work ethic, has given me a sense of responsibility, and more importantly, has instilled valuable pro-social skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

The Management and supervision in the Garment Factory require standards of professionalism and respect for, and from, all employees, the same as any reputable business in society.

I believe that two important keys for transforming from a dysfunctional lifestyle, to becoming a respectable, productive member of society are education and employment.  My training and experience with CI gives me the confidence that I can, and will be asset to any employer who gives me an opportunity. This is what CI is and what CI does, and I am CI!


With all sincerity,


Travis Colvin Signature