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September 1, 2022


Hello to all,


My name is Shawn E Childs.  I am 46 and have been incarcerated going on 26 years now, I have been employed in the Garment Factory here in Limon Correctional Facility for the past 11 years and 10 of those have been in the Embroidery Department.

In the Embroidery Department our functions are to digitize artwork in the computer so that the embroidery machines can stitch the design onto material (digitizing is creating the design from pictures to thread.)  We do a wide range of products from patches to logos on shirts, coats, hats, flags, banners, bags and can even do custom designed tapestries. This is a lot more that a prison job that keeps me occupied, it is an opportunity to serve as a career outside of prison, and being the team trainer has taught me how to be a leader in making sure the work is done efficiently and in a timely manner as well as teaching others and delegating duties and has instilled a sense of duty, responsibility that has placed a value to life that cannot be rivaled.

Being financially independent and not being a burden on or relying on my mother for money is rewarding an and of itself. With this job I haev been abe to earn/save money and I have also been able to send my mother money to help with her bills, and pay for all of our phone calls.

With all of that being said I am sincerely grateful to Colorado Correctional Industries (CCI) for employing me and allowing me to grow into the person that has made his mother proud. Without jobs like these available it would definitely be a lot more difficult for an individual to grow into the productive pro-social individual we should become upon release.

So when you ask who is CI? Well I am CI!

Thank you again for this life changing experience.



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