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My name is Shannon Derzon.  I have been working for CCI since January 2022. I started on a road crew and advanced to the Surplus Warehouse in March.  

I have learned a lot and gained skills that will benefit me in being successful upon my release.  I now have my forklift certification, I've gained customer service skills, team work, self-motivating, time management, as well as a sense of confidence in both my worth and ability to be an asset to whatever company I go work for in the future.

With the pay plan* I am now on, I am more self-reliant. I am learning how to spend wisely, budget, and save so upon my release I have the means to provide for myself and not fall back in to old ways.  I have a greater sense of earning my own way in this world and to not be a burden on others.

I am very grateful for the opportunity and know it will help me greatly in reentering into society.


Thank You


*Editors Note:  the Surplus Property warehouse began paying incarcerated staff Colorado minimum wage in March 2022