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Entering prison almost thirteen years ago I never dreamed I would be leaving here with a skill set that would provide me a new career and a chance at owning my own business again.  I trained dogs for Colorado Correctional Industries (CCI) for ten years, 8 months.  Learning skills from basic obedience to high tasking service dog work.  My CCI instructor Darlene McInnes played a huge part in my success as a trainer and a leader.  Her coaching and mentoring talks, her advice, will stay with me for life.

Recently I accepted a new opportunity with CCI as a coffee roaster, where I will be certified and trained in all aspects of the coffee business.  Who knows, maybe one day you will walk into my business PAWS UP, coffee cafe in front and dog training out back, all thanks to CCI providing me this opportunity and education.


Much Respect and Sincere Thanks


Sandra Jacobson, "Jake"