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My name is Phillip Pettiford. I am writing this testimonial in regards to how my time spent in the CCI shops has positively affected me.

From the very beginning of being granted the opportunity to be a part of the CI Prison Trained K9 Companion Program, I've felt a sense of purpose.  Waking each morning, spending day after day away from my family and my kids has been a difficult challenge within itself. However, this program has given me the privilege of having something beneficial to look forward to everyday, while also utilizing my time away from them productively.  I can honestly say my kids are proud of the work I do and the courage I display doing it. This opportunity has also helped me to gain a sense of belonging, knowing and visualizing my efforts an energy being put into something bigger than myself, literally saving some of these dog's lives.  Finally, I'd like to say I have been positively affected by this program due to the fact that with each passing day I am learning more about teamwork, patience, and what it takes to be self-reliant. I have gained confidence in being resilient and what it means to be selfless and focused on giving rather than taking. I will forever be grateful for this program and everyone involved. 


Thank You


Phillip Pettiford