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Colorado Correctional Industries,


Hello, I am Peter Miller. I am fifty years old. I have been incarcerated here in Colorado for eleven years, and I have been at Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility for five years and seven months. I have been employed with Colorado Correctional Industries at the license plate manufacturing plant for four years and eight months.

             The financial support I get being employed with CCI is a blessing, but, more importantly, there is a transformative miracle unfolding for me. At the same time of starting my employment with CCI, Jennie Curtis, who is the statewide coordinator for restorative justice, brought the Restorative Justice Education Program by Insight Prison Project here to Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility. I signed up for the program, and it made me look at myself in a way I never had before. With the tools of restorative justice practices, I did a lot of self-work. I searched my heart and mind deeply and discovered my authentic self and my role in life.

Colorado Correctional Industries has given me the space to put these practices into service. I am furthering the work on myself and building my self-worth, leadership, integrity, responsibility, respect, and relationships. I have been empowered to begin repairing the damage I have done, prepare myself for reintegration, and to be in service to others by modeling restorative justice practices. My hat goes off to my supervisors and management as they have been more than understanding, patient, and helpful in my transformation. As I have said, there is a transformative miracle unfolding for me, and CCI, as well as my supervisors, have and still are playing a major role in that. I enjoy working for Colorado Correctional Industries and am very grateful for the opportunity. Together we are building a better community. I am CCI.


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