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After watching the K9 program from afar for the last 3 years, I decided to dedicate myself to being a part of this team.  I had wondered what exactly this program could do for me and quickly learned that I would be forever changed. I have been inspired to grow as a woman while caring for and training people's most prized companions.  My ability to patiently work with each dog and understand what they need from me is a lesson all in itself!  I rely on my daily schedule to feel a sense of normalcy in this environment. Being a part of each dogs growth and then meeting the families that I'm helping is my absolute favorite.  I love the challenge that each new dog brings and look forward to the change within myself after every Go Home!  This K9 program has brought a new peace to my life, while showing me that there can be beauty in chaos.  My days are packed full of selfless acts, surrounded by everything dog related, learning what I can do as an individual to contribute for the better of my team!  Each dog that has come into my life leaves with a piece of my heart. I pour myself into all of them because I want their forever home to see how much potential that dog has.  There is no such thing as a lost cause when it comes to dogs and people!  Growth is inevitable when you are a part of this life altering program.


Nichole Hill