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My name in Nicholas Martinez, I entered the Department of Corrections as a juvenile and have been incarcerated nearly 23 years.  Throughout the duration of my time I've taken the necessary steps in becoming the best version of myself that I can.  Working for CCI in the canteen warehouse has allowed me the opportunity for further growth.  I take pride in my work, and feel it's only preparing me for my release.  By building up my work ethic and conditioning with real experience and environment.  I started 9 months ago, and knew it was something I'd enjoy and be good at.  Recently a new program was implemented in which a new position was created (Mentor/Trainer.)  A handful of guys were selected for being the ideal worker that showed the qualities the wanted to be a good example to others, in which I was selected to teach people how to do the job to try and assist in getting the best quality of service to the consumers.  At times it could be stressful dealing with so many personalities, but I welcome the challenge because it benefits me overall, giving me tools I will need in the future.  I am CCI