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Let me begin by saying every day in prison brings forth its own set of challenges, in which my response becomes the standard by which I evaluate my success.  I feel fortunate to be employed in a position that I can make my days count, not only in a monetary sense of earning but in the value of self worth that I receive in finishing what I set out to do that morning.  It gives "one more day down" a whole new meaning after 61 years, 42 of which I've spent coming in and out of prison, I've never held a job for more than a month consecutively at a time.  I have been currently employed for more than 15 months and am now a senior trainer at central canteen.  Because of this opportunity I no longer need financial help from outside and have saved up more than $2000 for when I am released.  I have even been able to gift money to family and charities as I desire.  In establishing a strong sense of trust in the work place through accountability and responsibility, I have been put in charge of teaching and leading others for the example my character sets.  I can see myself and my future in an entirely new light.  More than the saving of money and sending money to family, this position has saved my life.  I've come to understand the importance of discipline and integrity by how others view you and its impact on your relationships.  It's from this development of people skills in the exposure this job has given me that will prove to be invaluable as I transition out of this corrections industry to become a contributing member of society.  I am CCI.


My name is Mark Anthony Bresqko