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At the beginning of my confinement I was overwhelmed with grief. Biased perceptions created an alliance with my devastation determined to allow me to focus only on all that was lost.  I convinced myself that whatever pieces of me leftover after I'm released will be picked up and put back together when the time comes but for now I needed to make it through however that may be.  The light to my soul turned off quickly as I learned how to navigate as an inmate in order to adapt.

One afternoon I was asked by a cci employer if I'd applied for the new Image Processing site coming to DWCF and if not then I should. I applied and during my interview I remembered my then supervisor saying to me that "one decision changed my life's course for a brief moment but now everyday I will make a decision which will walk me along my path of redemption." I've been working for the Image Processing site through CCI as the trainer for 5 years. Instead of wallowing in all that was lost, I embraced all that still is. My supervisors with CCI have given our shop the ability to enter into a workplace as employees within a business and reminding us of our value as such.

Jobs inside of prisons often have a negative stigma attached to them. My experience with CCI has been anything but. I've been encouraged to utilize the skills I had prior to my incarceration to help aide my job duties in training others while also being taught additional skills along the way. When CCI worked with legislative representatives to pass a bill increasing wages for incarcerated employees my appreciation was indescribable. For the first time in a long time I truly felt seen again. Not only has CCI helped me be able to contribute as a mother in many ways I didn't think were no longer possible because of my incarceration. I've furthered my education, saved money, became a part of the Take TWO pilot program, and now inspired to pursue my goals of entrepreneurship. Six years ago I never would've fathomed employment in prison impacting my life in such a unique way. Now that I'm nearing release I can honestly say that CCI has been a major factor in the success of my confinement and beyond.  Many thanks to you for many reasons.  I am CCI.


Leandra Bumpas




Editors Note: Leandra Bumpas is a super star in this program. I am told by E470 staff that she regularly processes 10,000 images per day. During COVID shut downs, CCI staff tried to work in this shop and process images to maintain our contract goals and none of us could get over 3,000, and we weren't nearly as accurate as she is either.  Great Job, Leandra!  She is also featured in a KRDO News story on our "In the News" page.