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Larry Ray Porter #57643

LCF Unit 6

49030 State Hwy 71

Limon CO, 80826


Monday, August 29, 2022


To CI:

Correctional Industries has made an incredible impact on my incarceration. Continuously employed here for over 21 years, I have been able to maintain good work ethics and have built strong rapports with the staff over the years.

CI has allowed me the financial independence needed to provide for my current needs as well as plan for my release. My PIE savings will allow me to pay cash for a 2015 or newer Honda Civic so I will have transportation.  And with my other savings, take care of housing, food, clothing and entertainment for the first 6 months out. This would not be possible without the opportunity for employment with CI.

Our shop is diverse in culture and the many different types of products we continue to produce yearly.  The opportunity for advancement to different production lines are made available to anyone seeking to better themselves or learn another skill set. My first position was sewing on the pant line (zippers and front pockets.)  Currently the mechanic in the embroidery room. Not a bad gig.

When you ask, "Who is CCI" it is obvious to me, "I am CCI."


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