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In the beginning, it was said:

I need someone strong enough to pull a cart but gentle enough to love a child, smart enough to protect his master and passionate enough to love his family.  Someone with so much love they can lift the spirits of the broken hearted.  And so, God created...the horse.

My name is Jerimy Gadberrry and I have the privilege of working at the Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP) in the East Canon Correctional Complex.  Although it's only been for a short time, I've learned so much about the horses as well as about myself.  Life is basically 10% what we do and 90% how we react.  How one reacts to a horse determines its actions and it's a beautiful thing to see the animal respond to you. I've worked with horses on the streets but never stopped to really enjoy or learn from them.  Being able to leave the facility daily and be around the horses, I've been able to stop and contemplate many things.  Life. Relationships. Love and Light. You see, these horses are taken out of their environment in the wild and come here and are put in pens.  They are essentially "doing time" right alongside me.  And yet, while we feed them, trim their hooves, doctor their wounds, and ride some of them, I've learned they can change lives.  If a horse can do that from inside a pen, why can't I?  Change lives, that is.  From this perspective, looking at life in a different light, I'm inspired to speak positively and encourage those whom I love when I call home or write letters.  This program is showing me that happiness can be found in the darkest of times.  All one needs to do is turn on the light.  I'm incarcerated at the moment but that the last thing on my mind when I go to work and throughout my days. This program has ignited a fire within me, a light that shines on parts hidden for a long time.  I'm starting to believe in myself more and in my abilities to make positive things happen for myself and others.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity and hope to use the skills I'm learning to make a change when I get out.  A change in my life, my family's, and perhaps a horse of my own.  I will not be defined by my past, but rather by my ability to change the future.




Jerimy Gadberry

DOC #107697