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Hello. My name is Georgie Hand. I joined the CCI workforce team via E470 in August 2019. Sine joining CCI my life has been transformed dramatically. Before CCI I always felt down and beneath who I knew I could be. I knew I was putting strain and pressure on my family always asking them to help me with money and phone time.  Through CCI I've been able to take care of myself and send money home to help my family for a change. This has given me the self esteem and self respect that I had lacked for many years. Since working for CCI some of my job skills such as typing and ten key have increased in accuracy and speed and my attention to detail has also improved. Working with others toward a set goal of accuracy each month has improved my people skills and relationship skills. Before CCI I was a recluse, staying to myself except to go to work. Now I interact with others outside of work each day. This has helped my mental health also. As I continue to learn new things each day and use the skills CCI has taught me my mind remains sharp. I have become a more confident and social person, transforming who I was. I am CCI


Georgie Hand