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My name is David C Wells; I am writing this letter as a thank you and in support and in gratitude for the opportunities afforded me. I have been in the CCI garment shop at the Limon Correctional Facility since January of 2011. I have learned to identify different fabrics, including knowing the good side from the bad side. I have learned how to sew garments beginning from raw materials to finished products.  Which surprisingly can be very rewarding. I have worked in the cutting room where we begin with raw materials and cut all the various products the shop produces before sending them to the floor for production. I currently work in the embroidery department where I am learning an abundance of new and interesting marketable new skills.  Working in the CCI garment shop has afforded me the opportunity to be self-sufficient and support myself without depending on or relying on my family. I look forward to getting up and going to work, which is surprising because I haven't been the most responsible person. Being dependable, responsible, and reliable are qualities I like about myself and working in CI with like-minded men keeps me grounded and positive about ny future. My work ethic, my communication skills, me self-motivation and my commitment to be the best me I can be are in part due to my time and experience here at the L.C.F garment shop.  Thank you CCI.


Who is CI? I am CI!


David Wells Signature