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My name is Daniel Galvan.  On October 26th of 2021 I was sentenced to 10 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections for a DF2 drug possession.  This was not my first time coming to prison, but thanks to CCI and SWIFT, this will be my last.  I'm currently in the SWIFT program.  This program didn't just give me a job in prison.  It changed the way I do my time, my way of thinking and has presented me with the tools, skills and certifications to start a career in Wildland Fire Fighting.  It's given me meaning and a positive outlook on life.  I love what I'm doing. I'm truly proud of myself and the work that I do to give back to my community and protect it from disaster.  The program has also taught me how to work as a team while developing strong leadership skills and taking pride in my work.  It's opened a door of opportunity I never even knew existed.  1 year ago I didn't even know Wildland Fire Fighting was something a convicted felon could do.  Now it has become something I am passionate about.  This experience has given me something everyone in my family can be proud of me for.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who meets the criteria and has the drive to change and try something new and exciting.  Because of this program I am a Colorado Wildland Fire Fighter.  Because of this program I am CCI.


Daniel Galvan